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Lindsay Lynx Rep Tryout Policies

The Lindsay Lynx Girls’ Hockey Association aims to provide a fair, equitable and unbiased tryout process that is transparent to both players and parents. To that end, the following tryout policies are in effect:

1) Players must register via RAMP and select the Tryouts 2022-2023 Package.

2) A player must attend 60% of tryouts (in any particular division/level) in order to be eligible for a representative team roster position. Should exceptional circumstances arise for a player with regard to a specific reason, injury or illness that prevents them from attending tryouts and they wish to be considered for a roster spot on a team, they may make a written request to the head coach and the Executive outlining their reasons. This request must be made prior to the next tryout. The head coach and the Executive will review this request and decide if an alternate tryout would be allowable.

Players may be released from Tier 1 tryouts after one tryout skate.

If a player wishes to be exempted from Tier 1 tryouts and only be eligible for Tier 2, they must be registered and receive permission in writing from the Tier 1 head coach prior to the Tier 1 tryouts.

3) Fees for tryouts will be set by the Executive and will follow a flat fee format that covers all tryouts a player attends/is required to attend. The fee is mandatory and non-refundable. Tryout Fees 2022-2023 are $40.00 payable by etransfer to [email protected] 

4) Players wishing to tryout with the Lindsay Lynx GHA who played previously with another OWHA centre, will require a Permission to Skate Form. A paper copy of this form must be presented during sign in at the first tryout.

5) An “Evaluation Director” will be assigned, by the executive, to each age group for the duration of tryouts. This person (with no relationship/connection to the age group on the ice) will ensure that tryouts run smoothly and according to Lynx policy and will monitor the process both on and off ice. He/she will be present and available if parents have any concerns or questions, which will help prevent parents from inappropriately approaching the coach or evaluators during tryouts.

6) Each tryout will involve at least 2 on-ice personnel to demonstrate drills and organize players. At the discretion of the head coach, they may be asked to assist in evaluating the players. These personnel must fulfill the following criteria:

i) Minimum age 16 years, and at least 2 years older than the players attending the tryout
ii) NO relationship to the players attending the tryout; i.e. not a relative, friend, neighbour etc. The only exception to      this rule is that the head coach may choose to be on the ice if they wish

7) The head coach will be assisted by 1 or more independent evaluators, on or off ice, who will assist with assessing players’ skills and making decisions about cuts. The head coach may choose his/her evaluators, provided that they have NO relationship to any of the players.

The head coach may also select ONE assistant coach (who may have a child trying out for the team), prior to tryouts, who may assist with the tryout process. All other bench staff will be chosen after the final roster has been selected.

The names of the evaluators and the assistant coach (if chosen) must be submitted to the executive for approval, prior to the first tryout.

8) The head coach and his/her evaluators are instructed not to have any discussions with parents during or between tryouts (regarding the tryout process, their child’s performance, etc.)

9) Each player will be assigned a pinnie number on the first day of tryouts. The same pinnie will be used for the duration of the tryouts. A list of pinnie numbers ONLY, without names, will be provided to the evaluators. The head coach is permitted to receive a list of players’ names for his/her own use only.

At the first tryout, the head coach will inform players/parents, in writing, of the following:
a) How the selection process will work
b) The number of on-ice sessions
c) Tryout criteria and expectations
d) Expectations of player and parents
e) Procedure for release of players

Permission to Skate Forms

A player currently rostered with the Lindsay Lynx, who wishes to tryout for an advanced level of hockey (AA) not provided by their home association (Lindsay Lynx), will require a Permission to Skate Form (PTS). Players must present the PTS Form upon sign in at the first tryout with another association.

Players may tryout for the second tier teams only if their home centre does not offer a team in that category.

Skaters will not be released from the home association for lateral play. Any exceptional circumstances, such as change in domicile, must be made in writing and presented to the President and Executive for consideration prior to the start date of the OWHA 2022-2023 tryouts.