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Below is important information for those who are new to the sport of hockey and just getting started:


Choosing your programming: 

  • House League (U9 - U18): House League offers an opportunity for all ages & skill levels to learn new hockey skills within a social & fun, yet competitive environment!

  • Representative Level (U11 - U18): Representative level is for players who demonstrate advanced level hockey skills and are seeking more challenging gameplay in a competitive & fun environment! Players must attend Tryouts to participate at the Representative Level

  • Goaltender: There are always opportunities to try goalie! LGHA offers a registration incentive for participants who are serious about pursuing this position


The following equipment is required for all hockey players: 

Hockey Helmet (with full face cage or shield)

Neck Guard

Shoulder Pads & Chest Guard 

Elbow Pads

Hockey Gloves

Hockey Jill (pelvic protection)

Hockey Pants

Knee Guards

Hockey Skates (sharpened) & Skate Guards

Hockey Socks & Hockey Jersey 

Mouth Guard (these can be pre-formed from your dentist or a mouthguard clinic or most sports stores have mouthguards for sale that can be formed at home)

If your player/goalie wears glasses, please speak to your optometrist about shatterproof lenses

And Don't Forget!:

Hockey Socks

Hockey Stick 

Hockey Bag

Sports Water Bottle (clearly labeled with your child’s name)


The following equipment is required for all hockey goaltenders :

Goalie Helmet*
Goalie Neck Shield (“Dangler”)
Neck Guard
Goaltender Chest guard
Catcher Glove & Blocker
Hockey/Goalie Jill (pelvic protection)
Hockey/Goalie Pants**
Hockey Socks and/or tights
Knee Guards
Goalie Pads
Goalie Skates
Mouth guard
Goalie Stick
Hockey Bag
Water Bottle

*in some cases a player helmet with full face cage is accepted, with a proper goalie “dangler” attached
**for younger recreational players, hockey pants may be acceptable

When in doubt, always check with your coach & trainer to ensure that you have the appropriate & proper fitted equipment!

If purchasing gently used equipment or receiving hand-me-downs, please ensure the following:

  • Equipment is in good condition & free from major wear n’ tear (inspect for cracks in helmets, large rips, broken straps/buckles, torn Velcro, missing armor, etc)

  • Equipment fits properly (equipment that is too big or too small will not safely protect your player)

  • Pay attention to expiry dates on items such as helmets

Have your new player try on their hockey gear at home a few times to get the feel of it before arriving at the arena for the first time. Here’s a few great videos showing how to dress your new hockey player:

How To Put on Player’s Gear Video: 

How to put on Goalie Gear Video: 

Age Division Name Changes:

As of the 2020-2021 Season, Hockey Canada changed the minor hockey age division names to the system we see now:


Former Division Name

New Division Name


U9 (Under 9)


U11 (Under 11)


U13 (Under 13)


U15 (Under 15)


U18 (Under 18)

Fundraising & Volunteers:

2 crucial elements every minor hockey association requires: Fundraising & Volunteers! 

  • Fundraising Activities & Sponsorships help keep organizational costs down, which helps us to offer competitive registration fees to our members 

  • All Lynx Team Bench Staff are trained & certified and are required to provide up to date Vulnerable Sector Police Record checks annually. 

  • And we’re always in need of parent volunteers to help with organization events & fundraising!

Contact us for more info on sponsorship opportunities and volunteer positions available

Respect In Sport:

At least 1 parent must complete this online Respect in Sport course before your child will be rostered to a team

Website & Social Media:

The LGHA Website is a great resource for info, events, and to view your child’s ice time schedules

Don’t forget to follow us on FACEBOOK & Instagram!   

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