U18 Tier 2 - Brent Murray (Lindsay Lynx)

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Inside the Lynx Den: Coach Spotlight Series

U18 Tier 2 Head Coach - Brent Murray


Brent is excited for the 2023-24 season and believes that respect, hard work, & fun are core values that are key to team success.


Between playing & coaching, Brent brings almost 40yrs of hockey experience to the Lindsay Lynx. He has personally experienced wins as a player at the provincial level as well as while coaching he has advanced his teams to the Provincials levels as well. As a former Peterborough Ice Kats coach, he understands the commitment it takes to achieve these goals and believes in the successes of a Lynx U18 Tier 2 team this upcoming season.



Brent’s philosophy as a coach is for the players to have fun while developing skills and learning to respect themselves & others. He believes every player has individual strengths that will help support the growth and success of the team. Brent believes that it is never too late to develop new skills and improve on old ones. He is committed to providing a positive environment that encourages players to grow and develop as an individual.

As a team, we will have great successes, we will face adversity, and we will learn how to grow & develop to overcome obstacles individually & as a team, while having fun on and off the ice - Coach Brent